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Rest is GOOD (but frustrating)

No matter how many times I hear, “take your time, go SLOW”, I don’t listen.  This has been my modus operandi since kindergarten when every single piece of coloring I brought home had, in the teacher’s handwriting, “PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!”.  Coloring never interested me much though, so getting that crap done, usually in one color, and handed the heck in was fine by me.  My parents never forced the issue…..just like when that same kindergarten teacher told my parents at conferences, “He seems to have trouble skipping during afternoon activities.”  She’d play music and we’d have to hop, skip, jump, and what not around the room. My mother freaked out, “OH MY GOD HE CAN’T SKIP!” as if I had been diagnosed with MS or something.  My Dad, in his gentle but stern tone said, “Dear….do you REALLY want your little boy to skip around like a fairy?”

So I couldn’t color and I sucked at skipping.  When I am passionate about something though, I do it like my hair is on fire.  Running and age have quickly taught me that I CANNOT always go that hard all the time.  I cannot just add miles each week in ridiculous increments.  My knees say, “NOPE, TIME TO STOP DUDE” and stop I did.  After paring back the mileage, focusing on rest and ice, stretching better, and doing some strength training to help weak spots, I can feel things starting to come back.  Obviously, my goal is to add mileage.  The guy sitting down and signing up for a race at a new distance says, “Just finish, don’t worry about speed.”  The little fast coloring, non skipping devil inside of me says, “RUN 40 MILES A WEEK ON HILLS AND SPEND A DAY DOING SPEED TRAINING AND FINISH WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THE HECK THEY’RE DOING!”  I will listen to the more rational voice from now on, even when I desperately want to add mileage.

I could not have done this a short time ago.

My focus in the coming weeks is to get back on pace with my training, but to add an extra rest day.  I will RELUCTANTLY pare back the overall mileage but I will do my best to protect my weekly long run.  I will focus on my form and bio-mechanics to help my body adapt and learn the right techniques.  I may rest, but I will not QUIT.

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