Step by Step

08 Aug

The last week has been frustrating, but my mileage is starting to build back up step by step.  My down time in June and early July definitely set me back, but I am pretty sure if it was 70 degree tops with low humidity I wouldn’t feel so far behind.  As much as I love summer, running in the heat is tough.

On Sunday, the wife, the dog, and I set out for Sharpsburg.  My goal was six miles on the C and O Canal Towpath.  As we entered the little parking lot, Charlie, our three year old beagle mix saw another dog and immediately went mental patient crazy dog crap nuts.  The wife tried to discipline him in the truck instead of just getting him outside and letting him get his sniffs in.  As I tried to tell her my route plans (she intended to hang back and walk the dog), Charlie broke loose from her grip on his snout and let out a K9 tirade at the other dog in the parking lot.  I was frustrated, “Ok, see ya in an hour” I said, and jumped out of the truck.

In my haste and frustration, I took off way to fast.   I got to three miles and turned around.  At 4.6 miles, Charlie and the wife were waiting for me.  Had I not seen them, I probably would have kept going, but it was like running past my house mid-run, so I stopped and we walked back to the truck together.  I would like to say I could of kept going to 6 or 8 miles, but I was drenched in sweat, my breathing was off, and I just wasn’t feeling it.  That said, I am getting consistent again.  Since I started training again I’ve run a minimum of four days a week with a few good strenth workouts thrown in.

Despite feeling “miles” away from where I was back in May, I am extremely excited about running The Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon in October.  A friend, a new runner himself (yes, newer than me), asked if I would run the relay with him and some other folks.  I was happy to decline.  Not that there is anything wrong with running a relay, but I’m proud of the fact that I can do a half marathon on my own when I could barely run a mile without wanting to die 13 months ago.  With Baltimore on the horizon, I’m totally focused on getting my runs in.  There are no shortcuts, at least not for me.  I either put the miles in and finish as strong as I possibly can, or I don’t.  I’m betting on the former and myself.

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