Who left the heater on?

23 May

The next race on my calendar is the half-marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival in October.  Coming off a good virgin half at the Frederick Running Fest (both Corrigan events), my training feels somewhat without purpose at the moment, but I haven’t lost my desire to train, so that is good.

I took almost a week off after Frederick to get my body together and to focus on some other things.  I’m getting married at a secret hiding place in the Pennsyltucky Hinterlands next Saturday and we’re holding a picnic/reception the following week at my Almost Wife’s family farm.  My short term goal for the next thirty days is to “MAINTAIN” in between all the travel and celebration.  My wife to be is very supportive and we’ve already scheduled a couple of runs together during our wedding week(s) in places we don’t get to go to very often.  New places always make for good workout venues for me.  Something about the change of scenery and not knowing what is around the next corner helps me settle into a zone for longer workouts.

My week off after Frederick, as much as it helped mend a few things, was definitely hard to come off of.  The temperature and humidty jumped significantly in that week and I just wasn’t prepared for it when I put the sneakers back on.  I set out for a nine to ten mile run on Sunday with some pretty intense hills thrown into the mix.  Coming back up the mountain at mile seven, I’d had it.  The last two miles back to the truck were “walk/run” (mostly walk) at best. 

The good news is, I’m adjusting (hopefully the entire summer is 85 degrees tops….yeah right).  That said, I need to schedule something between now and October.  5K’s and 10k’s are easy, as there are tons of them and they are usually open right up until the last minute, but if I’m going to sacrifice a weekend day to race I’d rather go longer distances.  There is a nice half-marathon near where we are getting married….but unfortunately it is the same day as the wedding and I couldn’t convince the bride to be that I could easily do both on the same day (not sure what her problem is 🙂 )   That said, I’m looking at the calendar and trying to get a few 5 or ten milers, maybe even a half marathon in this summer.  Any suggestions let me know. 

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