Moving Forward…..

07 May

I’ve crossed one big fitness goal off of my list for the year with my completion of the Frederick Half Marathon yesterday.  My next scheduled race isn’t until October, another Corrigan event, the Baltimore Running Festival.  As I sit here today, I’m a bit burnt out.  I went hard this weekend and I pushed myself hard that last few weeks in rain, heat, sleet, and even SNOW during my training.  My mileage went up faster than it should have, but I built enough rest in to keep from injury.

That said, I need some time off to let things heal.  I plan to do some strength work and I have plenty of physical labor around my home to keep me busy, but I am going to give my legs, feet, and joints a few days off.

Looking at the last few weeks of training, I got caught up in getting in mileage and ignored stretching and strengthening.  Mentally, the extra miles prepared me.  I was not nervous running the half-marathon for the first time, because I knew I could cover the distance.  All other variables were out of my control at that point, but the mileage was within my known realm of physical ability. 

As I move forward to Baltimore (and most likely some summer races I haven’t signed up for yet) I will make a more concerted effort to get my stretching and strengthening workouts in.  As proud as I am of finishing yesterday, I know I can go faster and to do that, I need to put the whole package back together.

Now, if you’ve sat on your butt like I have all day, GO DO SOMETHING!  You’ll feel better!!


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