And The Beat Goes On….

25 Apr

Spring is my busiest time of year, hence my lack of posts.  When your income is dependent on crops and the weather, you make hay when the sun is shining.   I have not stopped my training though.  My mileage is rising and I can’t believe where I am in regards to distance.  When I set out to run back in July, my goal was to finish a 5k.  I never knew I’d catch the fitness bug through RUNNING like I have.  I am down 15 pounds from where I began, my 34 pants fit again and I’m constantly making belt adustments.  I sleep better at night and my diet is finally falling into place.  Just setting one goal and then building on that goal has created a snowball effect and I like it. The spillover is having an effect on the other aspects of my life like I never thought possible.  If you’re reading this as a spectator and not an active runner, I highly suggest you get off your butt and do something.  Just do SOMETHING every day.  Maybe a jog.  Maybe some push ups.  Maybe digging a ditch out back.  Just do SOMETHING EVERYDAY and the snowball eventually picks up velocity and mass.  I am mentally, physically, and spiritually in an awesome place right now.

As per my training, we’re down to about ten days before the Frederick Running Festival’s half-marathon (my first).  While I won’t be the fastest white kid in the field, I am confident I could finish the race this afternoon if need be.  If I get one more 10+ run in I will feel even more prepared.

My longer runs have mostly occured on flat routes, specifically the C&O Canal, but about two weeks ago I started adding some hills to the longer routes.  This has really tested some muscles that I forgot about, but I think in the long haul it will make me stronger and faster.   I force myself into hill run situations by parking at the top of a mountain, running down it, around it, and then back up it.  Retrieving my truck forces me to push up that last uphill mile 🙂


PS-  I am extremely jealous of all the running events in the region right now that I CANNOT take part in due to my work schedule.  This region has SO many great events for all levels of interest and skill.  Hoping I can slip away for a few once things settle down a bit!


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2 responses to “And The Beat Goes On….

  1. werrunners

    April 25, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Hi Hank – Running really does change everything for the better! Wishing you continued good luck and enjoy your first 1/2. I won’t make Frederick this year but it is on my list next year.

    • Hank

      April 25, 2012 at 11:55 am

      I only wish I had found it sooner, but here we are and I’ll take it! I’ve always been a positive, optimistic, and hard working person, but adding running to my life has seriously created a landslide of change. Thanks for the post and enjoy the return of spring!


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