Forgot where you put that old, forgotten muscle? Redo your kitchen to find it!

02 Apr

It has been a crazy few weeks, hence my lack of posts (and mileage).  A few weeks ago the Almost Wife and I (meaning her) decided to install (meaning me) a glass tile backsplash in the kitchen.  This turned into painting the kitchen, which turned into putting down new floor in the kitchen, which has led me to new light fixtures in the kitchen.  Doing these things of course requires removing appliances from the kitchen which equals eating out, eating fast, and eating poorly.  Add to that having the entire contents of the kitchen in our living room and we are suddenly whisked back to our days of sharing a one bedroom apartment.  In doing all of this work myself, I found myself running late at night on the treadmill instead of on the roads.  This weekend, in a final push to get all the work done, I didn’t get my long run in.  I got a workout though.  Laying flooring is harder on the legs and back than you might think.   I definitely worked some muscles I had forgotten about.  I was also reminded that it is easy to become one dimensional in one’s fitness focus.  The fact that these muscles are sore over a small kitchen flooring job is proof that I need to remember those “strength” days on the calendar.

The good news is the kitchen should be as done as it is going to be after tonight and I can get back to my regular workout and cooking schedule SOON. 


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