Up Your Game

21 Mar

I’ll be the first one to tell you, I am not fast compared to seasoned endurance runners.  However, for a guy who wasn’t running at all nine months ago and has no official background in the sport, I’m pretty proud of where I am time and distance wise.  My main focus has been covering the distance.  Speed work is slowly becoming a more regular part of the routine.

On Saturday I ran a five mile race.  The field was about 70 people.  I came in smack dab in the middle.  I almost pulled a “no show” when I realized how small the field was and that most of the runners were pretty seasoned and serious.  I rarely back down though, but this is so new to me I’ll admit, I was a bit fearful of ending up dead last behind some seven minute mile grandma. 

I put it aside.   Who cares?  I’m glad I let “who cares, just do it me” win out over, “dude, this could look bad” me.  I ran a strong race, my first and last miles being about a minute off of my normal pace.  While it was humbling to not be able to get lost in the crowd, it was cool to be in  small field with some elite area runners.  While I knew I wouldn’t break records or come in up front, I decided to push myself hard in this race.  The course tested my limits.  This was no five mile jog as it was complete with long, sustained climbs and rolling hills.  I survived. 

On Sunday I went out on the canal towpath and kicked it for a strong but relaxed 8 miles.  My weekend performance made me proud.  Can’t wait to get out there again with rookies and veterans alike!

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