Tim Kennard Ten Miler: Success!

05 Mar

My Almost Wife and I ran the Tim Kennard Ten Miler and 5K (Almost Wife ran her FIRST 5k and this was my first ten mile race) this Sunday down in Salisbury, MD.  We rolled in Saturday night about 15 minutes before packet pickup ended which was a big relief because I hate getting all of that stuff figured out on race morning.  We also took part in an EXCELLENT pasta dinner catered by Salisbury University.  What a NICE campus they have there. 

Sunday morning was cool, breezy, and it rained for about three seconds as the crowd was walking to the starting line.  I ran the first 1.75 miles with my other half before the 5k and the 10 miler split.  I wanted Jenn to have some support early on and to get a feel for a good rookie pace.  We had a nice humbling experience as the super dooper fast racers crossed a street in front of us, nearly a MILE ahead only 12 minutes into the race.  These folks blow my mind.  I ran a documented six minute mile on a track when I was 14.  The thought of someone running three five minute miles is crazy….but then we read the race results.

My Almost Wife finished her race despite needing a short breather walk or two.  She is totally new to this and barely trained due to some ankle issues, but I was really proud of her.  The best part is she already wants to sign up for the next one. 

I ran a safe pace.  My goal was to finish without stopping, and I did that.  While I was probably at the back of the pack, I feel like I’m laying a strong foundation to improve over the coming years.  My splits were negative, the last two being faster than the previous 8 miles by about two minutes.  The fact that I had that much in the tank at the end tells me I have room to improve and that I need to find a stronger pace earlier.  Overall, the race was a positive experience and a milestone for me as I build toward my first half marathon in early May.

The Tim Kennard Ten Mile River Run in Salisbury was a great event.  The volunteers were wonderful and there were folks cheering around every turn it seemed. 

Before I ran Sunday, my plan was to take this coming week off from running.  One problem:  I’m itching to train already!

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