Tempo Run and that “ALIVE” Feeling

11 Jan

Today was a gray, lonely, quiet day.  I think I took three calls at the shop (total), talked to a few regular walk ins, and pretty much reorganized my reorganization all day.  In my world, cold, wet days (unless it is snowing of course), in January just seem to take forever.

After the quitting whistle blew, I got on the treadmill for a thirty minute tempo run.  I started out slow and just ticked up the speed every minute or so.  When I peaked, I was well below the speed I would like to run.  Then I backed it back down and cruised on in.  I envision the speed on these runs as a bell curve, with the end a little higher than the beginning.

All I can say is, 30 minutes made the whole dreary ten hours beforehand just go away.  I feel alive after I run even if I’m totally out of breath from sprinting to the finish.  I ask myself, “why did you spend so many years not exercising?”  I think the answer is two fold:  1) we don’t realize our bodies are changing in our youth, and then 25 rolls around and things start deteriorating at a more rapid pace.  Then we try to do things in the gym on the first day like we did when we were 20 and we burn out.  2) A person just forgets how good it feels to be active. 3) (yeah, I know I said 2) I didn’t have the focus or patience for this when I was younger.

I am glad I caught the running bug when I did, because I needed to be excited about working out again.  Mentally I am more focused in all aspects of my life thanks to running.  I go into each day with a more detailed plan than used to BECAUSE I want to make sure I get my workout in, so my work is better and those I work for are served better.  My significant other even made the comment that my moods seem more even (I have a generally reserved but explosive personality that to the uninitiated can be scary).  Physically everything just feels better.  I don’t feel fatigued or winded and I know my heart rate and blood pressure have come down without even having to check them.

I am basing these observations off of how I feel after 30 minutes.  55 minutes total if you count a two minute round trip commute, a warm up, a cool down walk, and some stretching.  That is all these changes take out of one’s day.  Amazing.

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