Welcome to sunny Jacksonville! I mean Northern, VA

01 Jan

First and foremost, in my entire life of living in the Mid-Atlantic region I don’t recall a New Years eve being so warm.  At 10AM, I ran a 5K in a t-shirt, and by the end of it I was wishing I hadn’t worn long pants.  This weather is crazy!

SO, I woke up at 4AM yesterday which isn’t far off of my normal wake up time. A few hours later, my wife to be and I headed down to Ashburn, VA for the Ringing in Hope 5K and 10K.  I had no doubt earlier this month that I could improve my time, but my training got all out of whack in December due to my own jackassery.  My time ended up being about 18 seconds slower than than my last 5K, but I’ll take that as a “held steady” given the fact that I was a total holiday party whack job in December.  This race was what I expected as far as the course was concerned.  It was a total tour of your typical Northern, VA townhome, 1/4 acre estate, planned community, sponsored by the folks that built it.

As for my performance, I totally should not have run at all on Thursday.  I did a fast two miles on Thursday and I was sore on race day despite taking off on Friday.  The 3.1 miles of identical homes on top of sore legs totally made this run feel like FOREVER.   That said, given my half ass December of road and gym work, I held my own and I look forward to shaving off minutes come spring.

The Brambleton Ringing in Hope promoters did a good job with the 5K and the 10K.  My only suggestions to race planners who may be reading this would  be that they 1) put more signage leading INTO the giant planned communities off of main roads so people can find them (come on, these developments all look THE SAME) 2) GET A REAL PA SYSTEM!!!!! 3) convince the local shops and restaurants to open early.  The race ended at 10:28 for me and it would have been cool to have been able to grab a meal in the Blue Ridge Grill or Johnny Rockets with the Family without having to wait an hour.  The race promoters did however have awesome snacks and drinks laid out in a way that didn’t crowd the finish line, so great job there.  I crossed the finish line and within thirty yards I was hit up by girls with snack trays….which would be awesome if it happened every time I ran.

While I wanted to shave some serious time this go round, December has been a busy month.  I’m ready to focus back in on my goals, my diet, and my training.  Today, Jenn, my wife to be, picked up my copy of The Washington Running Report and totally decided she wants to do her first 5K in March.  She really enjoyed the atmosphere yesterday.  If she can get the time off, we’ll be at the race on March 4th in Salisbury, MD….she will do the 5K and I will do the 10 miler. This makes me very happy as I know Jenn will enjoy this as much as I do and it will be one more thing we can share in and encourage one another in.

Happy New Year and Happy Running.

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