I’m glad the hills don’t reverse directions

25 Dec

I had off yesterday, Christmas Eve, so I ate breakfast early and took off for a run a few hours later.  I haven’t quite figured out how to dress for winter running.  It wasn’t super cold yesterday, but it was cold enough.  I start out freezing, and end my route feeling over dressed.  I guess that isn’t bad though.  My biggest problems with running in the cold is A) getting warmed up to a pace I can handle and B) dealing with the wind.  I tend to want to go fast to soon when it is cold, and then I struggle at the end.  I find it much easier to regulate my pace on warm days.

Yesterday, I ran into a strong wind on the first half of my route.  I thought, “I guess its better to start against the wind than to have to end with it”.  I got to my halfway point and turned around.  About five minutes later the wind was blowing in my face again!  DOH!   As I usually do, I immediately searched for the positives: 1) there will be days when the wind is at your back and 2) at least these mountain hills don’t change directions on the way home (though I’m not sure sometimes).

Merry Christmas and Happy Running!

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