Stress Redux Monday

12 Dec

Today was just all wrong.  I don’t normally have bad days as I refuse to let them happen, but today was stressful and annoying.  Certain voices just became like nails on the blackboard.  Routine tasks gave me no satisfaction.  A migraine set in not long after I OD’ed on caffeine this morning.  It was one of those days where a person just feels like they are stuck in the mud.

I cut out a half hour early and headed home.  I picked up some vegetables on the way.  My mood soured further as the girl on the cell phone, in front of me in line of course, read off her lotto numbers and the lotto numbers of the person she was on the phone with to the clerk.  Lotto tickets make no sense to me.  You give additional after tax money to the state in hopes of winning a giant prize that they tax.  Granted I don’t have much of a savings with interest or investing strategy that the average person could implement right and I’ve found my econ and finance lectures generally fall on deaf ear.

When I arrived home, my mood started lifting.  I saw my house in the daylight!  I saw my dog, waiting for me outside of my house in the daylight.  My beautiful wife to be was inside my house making me dinner.   I had vegetables in my hands and a quarter of a leftover chicken in the fridge for STEW.   Nothing fixes a mood like a good home and good food.  We ate and I made up some stew for tomorrow, nothing fancy, just some leftover meat, veggies, broth, and my 14 herbs and spices that that fake colonel stole from me, but MAYUN is it good!    After dinner settled, I headed to the gym for a quick treadmill run, as Monday is usually a rest day for me.  I busted out two miles at sub-9 minute pace which is a huge improvement for me. My goal is to burn a minute of my time of 28:08 in my next 5k, Ringing in Hope down in Brambleton/Ashburn, VA.  My schedule got a little off this weekend due to the 3-2 Flu, but I still think my goal is in reach.

I hate running on the treadmill but it is hard to get motivated to run in the dark.  In my last post, I alluded to the good night conditions around here, but tonight I figured I would do a quickie on the old mill, watch some football pregame stuff, and do some weight work at the gym.

Do you think my mood lifted after those two miles?  YUP!  The worst thing you can do is let your mood keep you off the road or out of the gym.   Sure, a bad workout or a bad run can happen and ultimately add insult to injury, but the odds are that if you go and get a good sweat going, you’ll feel better.

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