Cold Night in SmokeTown

09 Dec

I ran a little over 3 miles last night in 30 degree temps.  I know it will get colder, but I really haven’t had to deal with the cold yet this year.  Last night, winter officially made it’s presence known.  The biggest issue for me to overcome in the cold air is the whole breathing thing.  That cold air just has a way of making it harder for me and my nose likes to freeze shut at times, especially when the days and weeks before saw 50 and 60 degree temperatures.  Like anything, you make the adjustment, autonomously or otherwise.

Brunswick (SmokeTown) isn’t a bad place to run at night.  The streets are pretty quiet after 6:30PM and the sidewalks are ample should you need to get off the pavement to let cars pass.  Most of the houses in the older sections of town are built up on hills with retaining walls in the front yards down by the street. It isn’t uncommon to have a cat sitting eye level on a retaining startle you, but none of them have ever gone Pet Cemetary on me (yet).  While hills are abundant here, there are plenty of flat spots on days you just don’t feel like hitting hills.

Last night the smells of winter were all around.  The diesel from the railroad travels farther and everyone’s woodstove was puffing away.  Every now and then I’d catch a whiff of pine from someones door wreath or Christmas tree that hasn’t made it inside yet.  It was a good night for a run and a great way to clear my head. 

Now get off the computer and go do something!  You’ll feel better!

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