Quick Run in the Rain and Testing new Orthotics

06 Dec

This evening had me really torn.  To go to the gym and suffer through treadmill boredom or get a quick 3 or 4 in on the road, in the dark, on a warm but rainy night?  As I stepped on to the porch, I made up my mind.  TO THE ROAD!

I ran a 5K and I wish I had brought my watch.  Despite doing some leg resistance training last night, my legs felt strong and fast.  I focused on getting a quick foot turnover and while I don’t know what my pace was, I know I was operating at a notch higher than my normal pace.  I wasn’t out of breath at the end, but I was pushing myself.

Yesterday, I slipped in some Dr. Scholl’s CF 340 Orthotics into my running shoes.  A year or so ago after a bout with plantar fasciitis, a podiatrist gave me a cortisone shot and fitted me for custom orthotics.  My foot felt GREAT after the shot (I’d be a pin cushion if cortisone was sold OTC).  A few weeks later, my orthotics came in.  After about two weeks of wearing my $350 CUSTOM (as in plaster casted to MY foot and no one elses) orhotics though, not one, but BOTH of my feet hurt again.  I yanked them out, threw them in a drawer and bought a pair of the cheapo Dr. Scholl’s orthotics for $7.99 at Wal-Mart.  Within a week, my feet were fine aside from the first few steps in the morning ($500 worth of podiatry later).

When my knee started acting up, I figured I’d try some of the $50-75 Dr. Scholl’s “Custom” fit (custom as in generic but in more varieties and based off of the foot kiosk they now have at Wal-Mart’s recommendation) orthotics to see if they helped balance things out.  Everything I’ve ever read on knees says, “feet, hips, and muscles around the knees” are critical, so why not start at the bottom.  I ran last night with the new orthotics on the treadmill and my feet got a little sore before the pain subsided.  The same thing happened tonight, I got about a quarter of the way through and the burning in my arches went away.  I’m hoping this is just my feet adjusting to the new addition to my shoes along with the orthotic getting broken in.  Putting an extra 1/4 inch of material in a good pair of shoes always seems silly to me, but I need to experiment and see what works.  These “custom fit” Dr. Scholl’s are a lot firmer and longer than their cheaper versions, so we shall see.

The good news is, my legs felt GREAT tonight, knees and all, and I finished up a quick 5K in the light rain in strong fashion.  Dodging the raindrops was nice too.  Nothing against a little weather when I work out, but I’m not trying to catch pneumonia.  Winter is supposed to come back tomorrow evening, so I’m glad I got a nice outside run in before the changeover.   Running on the treadmill is a good alternative, as is the weight work that can be done at the gym, but beating the street really opens up my senses.

Now get off the couch and go do something!  You’ll FEEL BETTER!

UPDATE:  I’m up to about 10 or 12 miles on the Dr. Scholl’s CF 340 orthotics and they offiically feel great!

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