05 Dec

I started noticing some discomfort in my knees at the end of last week, specifically when walking down stairs or after sitting for a long time.

Seemed like overuse had set in, which is understandable considering the mileage increases I have put in lately. So, I shut it down over the weekend, did some light leg work tonight, and a quick mile run.  My mile a day through the holidays streak is technically broken, but I did offer up the caveat that I wouldn’t push myself to the point of injury.  There is simply no sense in that since the whole point of exercise is to be healthier, right?

I am confident with icing, anti-inflammatory drugs (OTC), and some leg and hip work, I’ll be fine.  My goal is to shave a minute off of my last 5K time, 28:08, when I run in Ashburn’s Ringing in Hope on 12/31.  Then I will start getting serious about the Maryland Double as Frederick’s 1/2 Marathon is in early May.

The newness of this, despite my athletic past, is exciting.  Sure, having a sore knee stinks, but making the adjustment, adding new elements to my training, and seeing how my body responds is fun.  I once had a great coach who said, “There is no starting line or finishing line.  Sure, there are wins and losses and championships, but the process as a whole has no finish line, you adjust as you go, the process evolves.”  Though I didn’t quite grasp that back then at 17 or 18 years old, I do now.  Take work for example:  I can make a big sale and maybe get a pat on the back, but what about the next sale?  How do I go about getting to that goal?  The work  doesn’t suddenly end.  What is the next mile marker?  Is a complete career change in order?  How do I maintain this level of productivity?

The process of Life is about trade offs.  Right now, my running training is forced into a trade off.  I want to put up mileage, but my knees say, “hold tight, we aren’t getting the support we need, please make an adjustment.”  And so I will.  Any advice that may be out there is always appreciated!

Now get off the computer and do something!  You’ll feel better!!

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