Speed Work

01 Dec

When I set out after my first 5K race in Baltimore to shave 3 minutes and 47 seconds or more off of my time in just over a month, I knew speed work would have to be brought in to the picture.  I began doing intervals on the treadmill, 4×400 one week, 5×400 the next (400 is 400 meters, which is like a 1/4 mile), so on and so forth.  This helps build up the fast twitch muscle fiber I think.  I enjoy these workouts as they really push me over a relatively short period of time while breaking up the monotony.

I still haven’t taken the time to study this workout and variations of it to see what is recommended from a speed standpoint.  So far I’ve just kind of let my legs and lungs do the talking.  Tonight while doing this, the tv mount on the treadmill came loose and all of a sudden the TV was swinging from a single screw.  I finished my interval, went to my truck, got my tools, and fixed it for the gym.  For the record, this part of the treadmill was broken before I got on it.  Oh well, at least I looked cool walking in with a tool box after I looked like the dork who knocked the tv off its mounts trying to run super fast.

If you’re reading this, you should get up and go workout!  You’ll be glad you did.  I FEEL GRRRREAT!

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