Ringing in Hope- Brambleton (Ashburn, VA) 12/31

30 Nov

I decided to sign up for the Ringing in Hope 5K in Brambleton on New Year’s Eve,  I’ve got to do some schedule fenagling with work, but I felt like adding a race close to home before 2012.  I need things on the immediate timeline or I get sidetracked, especially during the holidays.  Tossing another short term goal/progress marker before I get super serious about training for my first half-marathon in Frederick, MD on May 6th, 2012 seemed like both the logical and fun thing to do.

A half-marathon shouldn’t be hard…thats only like 6.55 miles right?  Oh, wait….13?  13.1?!!!  I still suck at fractions.  The thought of a 13.1 mile race seemed like a distant if not laughable goal five months ago, but my base is building and on days I run long, I feel like I can keep going.  I just don’t want to up the mileage to fast in order to avoid injury and burnout. 

My biggest concern during the holidays is losing the fitness level I’ve built since I began (restarted) this journey back in July.  When I was in college, in the weight room, there were the typical motivational quotes on the wall.  One said, “The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.”  Truer words have never been posted on a musty gym wall.

The holidays offer a different set of challenges.  Travel, being on an inconsistent schedule, and the obvious celebratory foods and beverages will all play a roll in tearing a person down if steps aren’t taken to combat the urge to be gluttonous and lazy at the same time.  With that in mind, along with my goal to run a mile a day through the holidays, I figured adding one more race right down the road from home would be a nice year end capper and half-marathon training kickoff.

It should be noted that I loathe Northern, Virginia (most of it anyway…South and East of Leesburg) and my guess is this race is going to be in a giant, boring, subdivision of townhomes where no one knows their neighbors seeing as how packet pickup is at a homeowners association.  Let me tell you something:  If my neighbors ever think they’ll get me to join an HOA, they better be prepared for a purple house with neon green pintstripes, accented with hubcaps, and a rock concert on the front porch every Wednesday night.  BOOOO TO BORING NEIGHBORHOODS!

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