The Boonsboro Burn

27 Nov

That soreness that I predicted would settle in within 36 hours from yesterday’s mini-mountain run had already made itself at home this morning.  The long downhill descent, something I’ve not done in this four+ months of training really gave it to my glutes and quads.  This is good pain though and I know the muscles will recover stronger.  I headed up to Boonsboro Baptist parking lot (bless them for letting a Calvinist like me use their lot) across from Yellow House Tavern (so tempting), and took off East back towards downtown Boonsboro.

I felt tight and slow.  My legs really burned early on.  When I hit the two-mile mark the legs had managed to get past the initial burn.  I’ve found that if I can get past this initial burn, I usually don’t have to deal with it later in the run aside from on really steep hills.  Unfortunately, this early burn is also what keeps most people from exercising effectively.  Once you’ve trained your mind to push through the pain of the burn, it gets easier.

I ran to Thompson gas and back, about 5.7 miles, and enjoyed looking at the old buildings in downtown Boonsboro.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the weight room and put in a LIGHT mile on the treadmill.  While I am committed to a mile a day through the holidays (see last post), the whole idea was to make up for those weeks when real training isn’t an option.  You know, the  party on the 16th that turns into laying in bed all day on the 17th which turns into catching up on chores on the 18th, which turns into going to work, coming home, and going right to bed on the 18th.  Partying is a vicious cycle.  A mile a day will keep me honest, but I won’t ignore my need for rest as long as I’m able to hit double digits for the week.  When I can’t, the mile a day is a good fall back.

I definitely feel like my core is breaking down a bit, something someone told me would happen as I bumped up the mileage.  That is why I plan to hit the gym tomorrow morning.  I need to add some core work to keep things strong.

Time to go enjoy the rest of the weekend!  Take time for exercise, you’ll feel BETTER!


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2 responses to “The Boonsboro Burn

  1. Rewster

    November 27, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    • Hank

      November 27, 2011 at 6:55 pm

      Thats pretty cool! Thanks! Looking into a Garmin watch that seems pretty freakin sweet…..maybe AFTER the holidays.


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