The War Correspondents Memorial Loop

26 Nov

Left the shop around 2 today and got home with plenty of daylight to spare.  60 degrees at the end of November?  Yeah, I’ll take it.  It won’t be long and the shorts and t-shirts will have to get put away.

Took a short ride up to the Courier/Messenger Monument up in Gapland State Park and started from there.  I have never started a run with a steep down hill, but it felt good to work some different muscles.  Soreness in my quads should set in within the next 36 hours or so.  I then hopped on 67 before turning up Townsend Road heading back towards the monument.  Reversing this route would be BRUTAL given the steep hill, but Townsend Road is no joke with gradual inclines back up to the top of the mountain.  Long and gradual can be just as hard as REALLY FREAKIN’ STEEP.   I try to shorten my strides and move my foot strike forward, and use my arms more on hills.  It seems to help.

I had to stop at about 3.0 miles, but after a short walk, I was able to finish up nicely at the top for a total of 3.2.  I need to find some flatter courses to get some distance work in.  Not that I am looking for ease, but to add the distance and learn my pacing, the hills around here burn me out to fast.  Despite burning them up on the backstretch hills, my legs feel really good and my lungs are gaining capacity and endurance.  My hope is to find a flat route tomorrow and put in 6 or 7 miles before an easy day on Monday.

Now, get out and do something while this beautiful weather lasts!

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