A beautiful afternoon: Lets enjoy them while they last!

25 Nov

I left work about an hour and half early today (don’t ask me why I even went in) because it was 60 some degrees outside, the radiant floor heat in our building, though nice when it is cold cooks a person out when it suddenly hits 60, and my boss won’t turn it off.  Even if he did, the radiant heat stays in the floor and the building long after the fact.  At 3:30 I had had enough.  I work in B2B so it wasn’t like I had lines of eager Black Friday shoppers looking for a consultation (or any deals to offer them anyway 🙂 ).

I jumped in my truck and headed home, within twenty minutes I was parking my truck in Brownsville, hoping to put a couple miles on my legs before dark.  While I have done most of my recent training in the dark, even before the time change, running at night limits where I can go and quite frankly, scenery around here is far to nice to run in the dark all the time.

Brownsville, a little village off of route 67, has a nice little picnic park that hardly anyone uses outside of fishing season.  It has ample parking.  Route 67 heading Northwest towards Boonsboro offers some great views of the Gapland/ Gathland park areas and the mountains.   Add to this the fact that the road shoulders are ample, traffic is light even during the rush hours, and if you had to fall down for any reason, the shoulders all run into nice grassy areas.  The route itself is rolling with some long inclines, but nothing terribly steep heading towards Boonsboro.  Coming back, it is mostly down hill.  I like this stretch, plus I don’t feel like I have to worry about parking my truck and leaving it.  If you ran all the way to route 40 and back to the park, you would have cleared about 16 miles I think.  While I don’t normally urge out of towners to visit where I live, I guess I will be nice and tell you this route won’t let you down!  If you feel even more adventurous, turn right off onto one of the side roads and see how you fare on some of the hills, just be forewarned, the shoulders decrease to nothing.

I knocked out a quick 2.2 miles at a fast pace.  I desperately need to get a Garmin so I can track these things easier, but that will just have to wait.  I got back to my truck, cooled down, and stretched just as dusk was descending.  Running was a pleasant and much needed cap to an otherwise dull day.

Finally, I have committed to Runners World’s “Running Streak 2011” aka “Streaking Through the Holidays”.  You can read more here,,7120,s6-238-267-589-14125-0,00.html   but basically, it is committing to a minimum of one mile per day between now and New Years.  This time of year between holiday parties, travel, and schedule changes we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves.  I would encourage anyone who is planning on making a hapless New Year’s fitness resolution to commit to this first.  This is a short to mid-term goal that will help you gain a basic level of fitness during a time when we all eat, drink, and be merry far more than we should.   Imagine going into New Years with a nice fitness base underneath you instead of waiting until New Years, making the same dumb resolution, and then fizzling out within three months.  If you can’t do a mile commit to a 1/4 mile a day this week, a 1/2 next week, 3/4 the following week, so on and so forth until you get built up.  Short term, mid term, and long term goals are so critical.  In fact, most folks should just forget New Years resolutions all together and focus on smaller, measurable, and attainable goals.  It works for me!

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